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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What causes depression?

You can't expect to learn anything in sound bytes. In the field of health, you have dig pretty deep to understand a problem. The information you need to understand the chemical imbalance myth is available on the internet, but you have to know where to find it. Credible information comes from credible sources, however, some sources that are credible (like NIMH), omit information that they feel would "confuse" consumers or discourage medication use.

Depression is a clinical label
for chronic sadness. Sadness
comes with other physical and
behavioral changes.
Why are you sad?
The FDA's role is to support corporations but to also protect people and judging from the drug recalls in the last decade, they may be too supportive of corporations. More often than not, in America, Government agencies are headed by former staff of corporations, and in some cases, when their public term is ended, they return to the corporation.

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I'm sure many people are prone to believing the "information" in this first link which is, for the most part, is wrong. (incorrect information: I have no idea who authored this site and if they had any financial ties to a pharmaceutical corporation. I have no idea what were their sources either.

Here's are two EXCELLENT videos explaining why there's no such thing as a chemical imbalance, and it's done by a credible source from credible website:

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