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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pharmaceutical Coruption Costs Lives

Here's link to an article that explains and illustrates how pharmaceutical companies fraudulent behavior costs lives.

This is an on-going problem. The AllTrials movement is the work of many volunteers from the public at large, including many medical doctors, who want all clinical trials to be published in order to prevent continued injury and death from bad drugs that are marketed to the public.

Currently, close to half of all studies or "trials" or drug safety and efficacy are not published. They are funded by corporations who keep them from the public, doctors, and even the FDA.

When these the studies are made available, it can have dramatic effects on the public's use of the drug. For example, when 40% of secret studies on anti-depressants were released, and that data was combined with what was already available, it turns out that anti-depressants work no better than a placebo, but often with harmful side effects, such as obesity, potential for bleeding, loss of bone density, suicidality, and so on. It turns out that the risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors related to anti-depressants is 1 in 50 - much more common than most consumers are aware.

AllTrials: Withholding results costs lives
(from Ben Goldacre, MD, Epidemiologist)

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